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If your deck is beyond cleaning and weatherproofing, it may be time to "re-deck" the surface with new lumber or a composite material. We have the knowledge and know-how to remove the old decking and fix any structural framework.

With most older decks, only the tops of the rail and decking surface itself need to be replaced. Usually the framework of the deck is of pressure treated wood and not being directly exposed to the elements, it does not need attention. If anything we may add a few screws or bolts to tighten the frame to assure a safe and sturdy structure.

Planking your deck in wood will be less expensive than using composite but, you will have to maintain these surfaces every couple of years to assure a useful life. Composite cuts down on maintenance but, is no way a maintenance free solution. It will get dirty just like wood and need to be cleaned in the same manner.

Some decks just need general repair. From major to minor repairs that your deck may need, we can do it.

Please call us for a free consultation for the rebuilding of your deck. As always, estimates are free.

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