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Most every deck can be restored to a like new appearance with the right techniques and a little know-how. Deck Savers has restored in excess of 5,000 decks over the years and prides itself on it's large repeat clientele.

Simple Washing
We use low pressure washers to clean all wood surfaces. Wood is a soft, natural product that cannot have too much pressure exerted upon it's surface or the soft wood fiber will be "blown" out and you are left with a rough surface that will splinter and weather very quickly. Most decks can be washed with just water to remove dirt, old worn finishes, grayness, and any biological growth.

Some decks will need to be stripped. If there are multiple layers or heavy coats of old stain upon the deck, a bio-friendly stripper will be used to loosen and remove stubborn old finishes from the deck and railing surfaces. The products we use to strip are not harmful to people, pets, grass or gardens. Once stripper has loosened the finish, we will wash the deck to remove the old finish and reveal a clean surface ready to accept a new coat of stain. A large variety of shades and colors are offered.

When the deck is ready to be stained, we have a variety of choices. We recommend using either a semi-solid or solid finish. We will help you identify which finish will be best for your deck.

A semi-solid will add a tone or color to the deck but at the same time allow all of the grain and character of the wood to be seen through the finish. We use penetrating finishes that absorb into the wood rather than sit on top like a varnish. This will eliminate peeling and chipping and provide a long lasting finish. Using our finishes, a deck will not have to be stripped again when a recoat is needed. Most semi-solid finishes have to be stripped every time a deck is redone and this adds cost to the job and is hard on the wood using a stripper very couple of years.

A solid finish is recommended when either when the customer wants it, there is already a solid finish on the deck or the deck is old and weathered enough a solid finish is needed to "cover up" the age and provide a uniform finish. These finishes weather very well and provide the ultimate protection against the elements. A large variety of colors are offered.

All products we use meet federal EPA requirements and are friendly to the earth.

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